We’ll Help You Raise $150 – $750!
We welcome partnerships with non-profits to help raise needed funding. We’ll team up to expand our reach to help make the event a huge success. Our goal it to be a good community partner.

It’s FUN! Your guests will have a memorable experience and go home with their own masterpiece. “Paint Parties” are a popular social activity for both the experienced and never-before painter.

It’s EASY.
BeArtZy provides a fun, qualified instructor, all supplies, including aprons and table covers. We work together to set the event up and clean it up. We can help you find the right venue, and help promote the event on our social media pages. We can work with you on marketing and print creation, including flyers and posters, and securing sponsors. We are with you ALL the way!

HOW DOES IT WORK? BeArtZy collects $35 per participant and your organization receives $10 of that back. It is not unusual for the non-profit to request $40-45 per participant since it is a fundraiser. You would then receive 100% of the additional income generated. You make the decision, we can provide conversation on the pros and cons of doing so. The non-profit is required to help promote the fundraiser at least 4 weeks before the event through their social media marketing, newsletters, flyers, emails, etc. Anything you use to promote your organization for awareness. 

What Next? Choose a date, time, location and painting! We can create something special just for your group! No deposit is necessary. The goal is to secure a minimum of 30 participants 7 days before the event. The maximum capacity depends on the venue where the event is held. We’ve done parties with 30 people up to 70. If you can get more participation we can offer two sessions. We would love to talk to you! Our expertise is in event planning and we can guide or lead the event on your behalf. There is a small fee for us to do all of the marketing for you.

Bren Clixby
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